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Dive with me - Pierangelo

🜃🜂🜄🜁 Pierangelo Figlioli

32 years old, passionate and addicted to ALL water sports and the ocean, with over 20 years experience in sailing, kite surfing and scuba diving.

It is my goal to transfer those magical moments, above and below our oceans, to everyone who joins our community. Come Dive With Me and discover a variety of magnificent environments that surround our Earth.

🜃🜂🜄🜁 Alexandra Petrini

34 years old, I began my diving journey over a decade ago while traveling through Cambodia.

With hundreds of dives under my weight belt I’m still learning something new on each dive and that’s what I love about this sport. Most recently, I wanted to create a space here in the UAE for women to feel comfortable learning how to dive, ask questions about scuba diving or join a trip with other women in a safe environment. Scuba diving is still a male dominated sport and often times women can shy away for that reason. I am the founder of @SheDivesClub which is a club for women divers here in the UAE. I am fortunate enough to work with two other ladies who supported my idea and have contributed so much of their creativity and time. We plan to grow with community outreach projects once the pandemic clears and we are able to safely gather again. See you in the sea!

🜃🜂🜄🜁 Isabella Parkes

Having grown up in Dubai since the age of three, I was always in the ocean and fascinated by the creatures who live down there.

I had my first diving experience at 8 years old, doing the ‘bubble maker’ course in the pool at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and my PADI Open Water course at the age of 10. By the age of 13 I was already a rescue diver, and a Master Scuba Diver by 16 years old. As soon as I turned 18 I did my PADI Dive Master and Instructor courses in Costa Rica, making me one of the youngest female scuba diving instructors. My students still can’t believe I have been teaching diving for six years and I’m only 24. My love for the ocean has inspired me to study a Masters in Law, specializing in environmental and maritime law. Time is running out for our oceans and I want to ensure that my children, and their children grow to experience this very special part of our planet and the abundant life within it.

🜃🜂🜄🜁 Lowie Villegas

Being gutsy and fearless makes me become a scuba diver.

 I love all bodies of water either it is the sea, ocean, river, water falls or lakes. To see fish moving in the water gives inside me excitement and happiness. I am new in scuba diving. I got my open water certificate last year of December 2020. To be a scuba diver was not in my dream. But I think I am destined to be one. Since then that i started to dive. The more I dive, the more I found my purpose and inspiration why Im doing this. Its not just for fun anymore. I want to dive to inspire others and give awareness that all of us has responsibility to reserve our ocean and marine life for the next generation. And last thing. Under the waves is magical. You can be a mermaid. And being under water with the sea creatures is like in a new world that will give you priceless happiness and achievement and that is what i want to share.

🜃🜂🜄🜁 Laura Kazimierska

Laura, better known as 'Kazi', is a Polish PADI Course Director, passionate tech diver, journalist, and brand ambassador living on the small island of Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.

When she’s not training the next generation of divemasters and instructors, you’ll find Kazi on CCR dives exploring the deep walls of the Lombok Strait.

With more than seven years of experience in the industry, she can teach a variety of speciality courses from DPV and Sidemount to conservation-based programs. She is a dedicated and passionate diver, blog writer and ocean advocate with loads of ideas on how to take dive training to the next level.

Keep an eye on her adventures on her social media.

🜃🜂🜄🜁 Tatiana Cornilova

Hi, I’m Tatiana. Russian and English speaking personal instructor in the UAE, 32 years old.

Love diving and teaching! As it’s a great way to interact with new people and show them the beauty of ocean. This is where the great friendship and adventure begin.

Diving taught me to be passionate and patient, curious and adventurous, have fun and love the ocean. And these values I transmit to my students and divers.

Crazy about wreck and night diving.

Dreaming to dive with whales in Kingdom of Tonga and with sharks in Hawaii.

🜃🜂🜄🜁 Hassan NK Khayal

A lover of everything water based.

Hassan is a very active and enthusiastic PADI Course Director and Freediving Instructor, he cannot help but spread around his excitement at being around, above, under, or anywhere near the water. His favourite course to teach is the Instructor Development Course (IDC) because it involves a lot of learning and practice, and he can see how his students are being completely transformed. His favourite specialty is the Zombie Apocalypse Diver seeing as it emphasizes students having fun while learning a lot of different and useful skills. All different types of diving, such as deep, drift, multilevel, night, wreck, and all the rest are his favourite because he genuinely believes every type of diving has something unique to offer. Taking pictures and videos and working on them is his personal passion in diving. He believes diving is about relaxation and invites everyone and anyone to try it out regardless of why they think they cannot. He is proud to be a 100% Project AWARE Partner and supporting Project AWARE through all of his diving activities.

🜃🜂🜄🜁 Kholousi NK Khayal

A lover of everything extreme

Kholousi is an extremely outgoing and friendly PADI Course Director and Freediving Instructor, you will usually find him in the direction of the loudest laughter as he is always happy to be around the water. His favourite courses to teach are the Advanced Open Water course and all and any specialty courses because they are the most fun for students, and will help them practice a lot more fun diving activities and access a lot more fun sites. His favourite specialty is the Sidemount Diver seeing as he considers it to be one of the most rewarding, and the entry point to a lot of different types of diving. Challenging and extreme dives are his favourite dives, as he loves to challenge the limits and approach the extremes in a safe and controlled manner. Travelling and diving more and more sites is his personal passion in diving. He believes diving is challenging and exciting and invites any adventure lover to come try it out and promises they will be hooked to it as the best. He is proud to be a 100% Project AWARE Partner and supporting Project AWARE through all of his diving activities.

🜃🜂🜄🜁 Mai Ragaie

I am Mai Ragaie, open water instructor and swimmer coach I am « Thalassophile », it means sea lover.

I love everything related to the ocean especially diving. Diving in an activity like no other. I believe it is a form of mediation and rest from the world we know.
Love to teach diving as it is a way to encourage people to explore another word and to protect it
« Doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of other »

My model is « Sylvia Earle », American marine biologist, she is the one who dedicated her life to protecting the ocean and its wild life

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